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Davidson Plums are native Rainforest fruit deep purple in colour and the flesh inside a deep, dark red.  It has a sharp acidic tangy flavour, a versatile fruit with intense flavour so a little goes a long way.


All our fruit is harvested from our family farm in the Northern Rivers of NSW from orchards that were established over 20 years ago.  Since the original plantings we have planted more to increase the growing demand for this native rainforest fruit.  We harvest year round with collections from all varieties of Davidson Plums (Davidsonia pruriens (from Northern QLD), Davidsonia jerseyana and Davidsonia johnsonii (Northern NSW).


Frozen Davidson Plums picked, washed and de seeded then frozen immediately to maintain freshness.


For all bulk orders please contact us for availability and price.

Davidson’s Plum Fruit | Deseeded

SKU: dpdeseed1kg
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