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Davidson's Plums

Davidson's Plums are a small genus of rainforest tree within the Cunoniaceae family endemic to eastern Australia with two subtropical species Davidsonia jerseyana and D. johnsonii restricted to the remnants of the Mount Warning Shield Volcano and another tropical species D.pruriens from The Wet Tropics bioregion in Queensland. Both D.jerseyana & D.johnsonii are federally listed as Endangered.


Both D.jerseyana & D.johnsonii are listed on the Ark of Taste, an International project aiming at protecting biodiversity.


The tropical species Davidsonia pruriens was described by Ferdinand von Mueller from the Tully region in North Queensland. An ingrained degree of confusion exists as to the proper taxonomic reference of D. pruriens as two vastly different forms exist in cultivation.


The species of Davidsonia that is common and widespread throughout the Wet Tropics has a branching architecture rather different in that it forms an intricate maze of twisted stems and a distinctive rounded crown. This species is also much hardier and tolerant of exposure. The leaves are deeply corrugated with all parts possessing irritant hairs, especially the fruit that has a thick skin, quite unlike the "other D.pruriens" which has luxuriant glossy leaves and glabrous hairless fruit and mostly cauliflorous flowers.

The Farm

The Orchards were established on the family farm in 1999, with a collection of specimens from various wild localities, years later more plums have been planted and now produce an abundance of fruit.

We harvest every year from our two main Davidson's Plum varieties, and supply to many clients around the country with Fresh and Frozen fruit, Puree, and dried fruit, puree and powder. 

Most recently we have started working in co-operation with other growers who adhere to our strict Health and Safety procedures for quality assurance.

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