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The Bunya Pine (Araucaria bidwillii) are naturally occurring Rainforest emergents in the mountains of southeastern Queensland, with other restricted populations in northern Queensland.

They cone each year but are particularly plentiful every three years and it was a tradition of the Aboriginal culture to have gatherings where tribes would come together to feast on the nuts. An interesting reference to the name ‘bunya’ should be ‘bon-yi’, the ‘i’ sounding as ‘e’ in English (from ‘Bush Food - Aboriginal Food and Herbal Medicine’, Jennifer Isaacs 1987).

The Bunya Nuts come from the trees planted on the farm @plumtree_pocket over 30 years ago.

The nuts are separated from the cones quite soon after they drop and frozen immediately.

They are popular boiled but there are many different ways to use and can be roasted, fermented, pickled, also commonly used in Pesto and Gnocchi. They are full of complex Carbohydrates, Protein and are also Gluten free!

We can arrange local pickup or delivery.

Bunya Nuts | Frozen

$29.00 Regular Price
$24.65Sale Price
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