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Plumtree Pocket is the street named after the Davidson's Plums that are growing on the family farm (originally BK Farms).  The Davidson's Plum Orchards were created with the enthusiasm of local horticulturalist Kristopher who from a young age started planting out his family property in pursuit of his passion for native Australian Rainforest plants, specifically the rare and endangered Davidsonia species.  In 1999 Kristopher began operating under Ooray Orchard and in 2014 the Nursery (Burringbar Botanic Gardens Nursery) combined with Ooray Orchard and created Plumtree Pocket Enterprises.  The farm has been producing quality Davidson's plum fruit over the last 20 years and we have been selecting, growing and continually planting from the best producing varieties.

Native plants and their benefits...

Our Mission

The emerging bushfoods industry

The Davidson's plum fruit is rich in antioxidants (higher when compared to blueberries).

It promotes the overall health and prevents diseases.  It is an excellent source of Vitamin C, E, lutein, folate, zinc, potassium, calcium and Magnesium.

The amazing native fruit is one of the superfoods that are full of nutrients that are more in comparison to conventional food types in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

The Davidson's Plum farm was established in 1999 trading as Ooray Orchard and supplies many businesses with whole fruit, puree, and dehydrated products, all produced according to current HACCP plan and procedures.  At Plumtree Pocket Enterprises we are constantly striving to maintain best practice management and operate our annual harvests with small businesses in mind.  For this reason we have created a system of supply where we value our ongoing customers and most importantly the community of emerging businesses who share our passion for native Australian plants.

In the beginning the Davidson's plums were wild harvested but over the years we have increased our harvest volume from the plantings on the farm with primary focus on our own orchards that are spray and chemical free.  This allows us to manage the quality of fruit and associated problems with harvesting such as the risk of fruit fly attack and predators such as the King Parrots that decimate our crop of Davidsonia jerseyana unless we exclude them from the trees.  We have spent many years experimenting best practice management for harvesting and sorting fruit to get quality product to the consumers and still the industry is lacking much needed innovation and resources that will support the growing demand and supply.  We are committed to assisting both the Scientific and Educational community by providing support with research and associated product development and purchasing our fruit is direct from farm to table.



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