Plumtree Pocket is the street named after the Davidson's Plums we grow, a collection of genetically diverse populations that was created with the enthusiasm for this endangered Rainforest tree. Plumtree Pocket Enterprises Encompasses the Nursery, Native Bushfoods and Consulting Services.

  • The Davidson's Plum farm (est. 1999 trading as Ooray Orchards) supplies many clients with whole fruit, puree, and dehydrated products, all produced according to current HACCP Management plan and procedures.

  • The Nursery (est. 2008) produces a broad selection of Native Rainforest Australian plants and local endemic species for botanical gardens and bush regeneration, along with a growing selection of rare and exciting palms.

  • Offering Property Managment services including bush restoration, garden and landscape design, property surveys and development application plans for habitat restoration and flora and fauna projects.

  • We are committed to assisting both the Scientific and Educational community and provide support with research and associated field work services.


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